About Me

Briefly stated? I communicate messages to audiences. I often do this via the tangible form of ink on paper, but increasingly also via digital media. My style tends to be very clean.

I have a good sense for visual hierarchy and typography. Most of my experience has centered around communicating something, as opposed to inventing something to communicate. As an English major turned graphic designer, I am strong in both the written and visual aspects of communication.

I work well independently, and I am by many accounts "quiet." You're more likely to find me researching plants for my garden than discussing a sporting event.

I currently reside in Chicago, IL, where I attended Northwestern University and got my first job as a coordinator at a marketing agency. Secretly jealous of the creatives there and their cool jobs, I took classes for a couple of years to transition to graphic design. Opportunities since then have taken me through educational publishing, marketing communications, and—most recently—B2B publishing and events.